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Figurative art

Dec 03, 2008 in About My Art, New Paintings

As usual I’m working on 8 different abstract paintings, which will be finished this, or rather, next year, but at this moment I don’t have any new abstract paintings to publish on this site. Therefore I will add some figurative paintings to, a section of this site which is dedicated to figurative art. Today I added a painting seen here,

Harrier, landscape painting by Marten Jansen

which I made in 1997. The work I did prior to 1997 I don’t regard as having been of professional quality, so I destroyed those paintings or spontaneously lost them, which I’m good at. The painting I added today was the 3rd or 4th in the 1997 series and is the only real landscape painting I have done. By that time I was already moving in the abstract direction, but I think this landscape is more figurative than abstract. Van Gogh was my first example and I think the way I painted the sky in my landscape painting should be regarded as a nod to Van Gogh.
If I ever leave Europe I will miss one thing: the middle-European lanscape (“middle” in terms of latitude – between North and South. Not to be confused with “Central-Europe”, which refers to countries between Western and Eastern Europe). Not that this landscape is special, but it’s what I know.
To me no painting better defines the atmosphere of the “middle”-European landscape, than Mondrian’s blue tree. My painting (called “Harrier”) looks Russian, if anything, for it’s romantic colors.