New painting

Monday, February 2nd, 2009 @ 12:25 pm | Abstract Art, How Not To Paint, New Paintings
Female Portrait, contemporary art by Marten Jansen
Answer Me, abstract painting by Marten Jansen

Yesterday I added a painting made in 1997 (the one on the left) and also an update to the painting seen in the How Not To Paint A Masterpiece thread. I posted this painting on my homepage last year, but then made some changes – the current version is final.

When I made the painting on the left, in 1997, I still thought that on a finished painting every square millimeter should be covered with paint, while on the painting on the right you can see that much of the canvas is left bare. “Less is more”, in my latest style of painting, but I’ll never be a minimalist. Conceptual complexity is not a goal in itself, but necessary to achieve my artistic goals.

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