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Monday, October 6th, 2008 @ 12:57 pm | About My Art

So what am I up to these days?

A while ago I launched a new website: http://martenjansen.mobi, for mobile phone and PDA users. This site cannot be seen on your computer, so don’t click any links on this site to http://martenjansen.mobi, but type the URL into the browser of your mobile device. The mobile site is not a mirror of http://paintings.name (except for the images, obviously), but has fresh content. Of course we’re starting out modestly with just two pages.

As for my painting, some people were worried I’m not painting, because I haven’t added to this site any paintings painted in 2008 for a while and because I haven’t updated the “How Not To Paint A Masterpiece” thread. As for the latter issue, I’ve kind of lost motivation to update the thread, but I am working on the painting and making good progress, but it’s not like the “Bittersweet” and “Latina” paintings, which I was able to complete without any major delays.  The How Not To Paint A Masterpiece painting is more complicated, which means that at some point I had to put it aside and let the composition develop in my head. Many of the social realism paintings took 5 years (!) to complete and my objective is never to finish a painting quickly or finish a painting at all. My objective is to keep busy and completion is no more than a byproduct of the way I work. That’s why at any one time I work at multiple paintings, so that I always have something to paint, without having to spoil paintings with “non-ideas”.

Right now I’m working on 8 different paintings and my rate of productivity is just dandy, but there’s no telling when any of these paintings be will completed.

In fact, 2008 is a very good year for me. I’m having more fun at painting than ever and since I’ve started on the social realism series, my art has won on depth considerably, my technique has improved and my style is more defined. But no, I’m not a Van Gogh, who cranked out a new painting every day. But if you want to say anything against an artist like him, it’s that he never tried to produce a “grand opus”, a painting which is so ambitious, complicated and, inevitably, large in dimensions, that it took him a lot longer than one day to complete. The same thing can be said about Picasso, who, at one stage of his career preferred to make 30,000 pieces of pottery instead of a few “pieces de resistances”.

So cut this artist some slack, because I’m not cutting myself any slack, I’m painting like mad. But no trinklets to put on your mantlepiece and no animals or obnoxious neighbours on formaldehyde.

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