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Monday, May 19th, 2008 @ 10:22 am | Abstract Art

Welcome to my blog! While the rest of www.paintings.name serves as:

  • an abstract art exhibit of my own art (starting at www.paintings.name) and that of other artists (starting at www.paintings.name/artists)
  • a source of information on (mainly abstract) art in general, neatly ordered (at least, that’s the intention) and search engine friendly,

…this blog will contain my private ramblings – mostly on art – and will allow you, the visitor, to post your feedback, ask your questions, or add anything else that you think that should be on www.paintings.name.

Regular visitors may have noticed that I try to add a new painting every 15 days, which would be tomorrow, but I don’t think I can get it done this time, because of (partly) unforeseen personal, non-art related activities. I still have a bunch of older paintings on the shelf and several new ones are nearing completion, so I should be able to keep up the 2-monthly rhythm up for a while longer. And then….we will be well into 2008.

Ahhh………2008…Year of Change…and maybe….Year of Art?

Thanks for having read this first post – I hope you will leave some feedback.



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