Pure abstract art – what is that?

Saturday, May 24th, 2008 @ 2:01 pm | Abstract Art

Hello again.

So I did manage to get my painting online in time. As you’ll see on www.paintings.name , the painting on the bottom-left is the new painting and it’s pure abstract art, by which I mean that there are no recognizable features, no faces, no people, just lines and color areas. I made these pure abstract art paintings in 2000, when my inspiration was beginning to fail (after having worked very hard for two years) and I didn’t feel like making a drawing anymore, I just started to paint. Pure abstract art is all very well, but I prefer a link with reality. In most of my paintings I make a drawing based on a natural object, like a person, the drawing being just some contours, which serve as a foundation for the painting. Then when I start to paint I generally pay no (conscious) attention to the figuative aspect (how the model looks in reality) anymore – from there on the way I work is entirely abstract. That’s why I refer to myself as an abstract artist, because all in all I spend far more time on the abstract aspect of my art, than on the figuration. Having said that, I also have to say that the drawing is crucial for the painting’s success. If the drawing isn’t good, the painting may still be good, but never great. My most popular painting is http://paintings.name/image-files/generic-abstract-art-portrait.php, which is an example of a painting that already worked out as a drawing, although it had nothing more than some contours. The drawing is the melody, as it were, and the painting the harmony, the counterpoint and the orchestration.

Right now I’m working on several female portraits and on some social realism paintings. One of each category is about finished, but I’m taking some more time to let them mature in my head and be sure that there are finished indeed.

I will post to this blog some photos of these new paintings in intermediate stages.


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