Why all the female portraits?

Saturday, May 24th, 2008 @ 2:22 pm | About My Art

I started to do female portraits in emulation of Pablo Picasso, whose father wanted him to become a portraitist, because that genre was more respected and better paid than what Papa Picasso did: paint pigeons. So you could say that the influence of José Ruiz Blasco (Picasso’s father) has gone well beyond of what you might expect from a sub-mediocre painter like him.

Of course my habit wouldn’t have stuck if it had been just for Picasso’s influence. There is of course, inevitably, the fascination with the opposite sex that plagues so many artists, take Rembrandt, Rubens, Modigliani, Matisse, Da Vinci, Corot – not exactly the smallest names in art. And for me it’s the best way to explore human psychology in an intimate way, something I’m not capable of in male portraits.

The greatest portraitist of all time, was IMHO, Leonardo Da Vinci and his most famous portraits were all of women, while he was an asexual. Which doesn’t mean he had no romantic or emotional interest in women, which he obviously had, so the morale is that sex doesn’t necessarily come into play when it comes to fascination with the opposite sex and making female portraits. But it does help…

Another aspect of my style of female portraitism is the way in which it enables me to express the spirit of the times, which I don’t even do on purpose, but simply creeps in when I portray people that live today.

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